Our mission: Under the spiritual guidance of Fr. Masseo Gonzales, the group strives to produce music, film, and perform so as to keep the New Evangelization of the Church at the forefront and uplift and encourage the youth and those marginalized in society, sharing in the hope of Jesus Christ, His Blessed Mother, and the gift of the Church.

FoundNation is a group of Catholic hip-hop artists and evangelists, under the umbrella of El Padrecito Ministries, a non-profit in Guadalupe, California, committed to the New Evangelization. They have performed in various diocese around the country and including performing at World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro.  Carlos Zamora, aka “C2six” (Fort Worth, TX), Nick Torres, aka “Nico Santana” (Tampa, FL), Alfonso Pedroza, aka “Separate M1nd” (Houston, TX), John Davidson, aka “John Levi” (Tampa, FL), Valerio Muralles, aka “Val Mural” (Escondido, CA). Collectively known as FoundNation Family consists of all 5 of FoundNation plus Father Masseo Gonzales, aka “El Padrecito” (Guadalupe, CA), and Daniela Ruiz de Somocurcio, aka “Ela Loveisall” (McKinney, TX).

The group began as a project with 3 rappers sharing in Faith, funny jokes, and fellowship. Eventually meeting the likes of Fr. Masseo, the group then expanded and began touring State-side as well as internationally sharing their music and testimonies. Now including a total of 7 musicians collectively as FoundNation Family, the group continues to share their music, ministry, and media with the youth throughout different groups, churches, organization, and events throughout the world.

We are able to provide both concerts and conferences, we are bilingual (Español/English), and are accredited by our respective dioceses.  Please see our letters of recommendation. We recommend you visit our Music Video section for recorded and live performances.

FoundNation family @ World Youth Day, 2013